Meet the Team

GAA Strength Is About Simple, Effective Strength and Muscle Building

At GAAStrength we believe in challenging peoples perceptions, we believe in thinking differently. We do this by producing an easy to use website that is user friendly. Our programs can allow you to take control of your body. This is done by giving guidelines on the amount of sessions a GAA player should do each week. Sample periodized programs are given for the GAA player and we have a blog section keeping you up to date with the latest training methods. 

Conor Bolton

Conor is a current Sport Science student with experience as a strength and conditioning coach. Gaelic football has been central to his life since a young age and he has aspirations of contributing to the field of strength and conditioning. He prides himself in his ability to work at something until he has perfected it and he has the ability to adapt to changes in a timely manner. Conor is learning the art of S&C under the mentorship of Des Shaw, Declan Browne and Dan Horan.

Seán Bolton

Seán is a 3rd year Electronic & Computer Engineering student in NUI Galway. He has extensive experience in website design and development, and social media management. With experience as a founder of a startup,, he understands the needs of users. Seán has organised large scale public launches, and he knows the benefits of a strong social media presence. Seán is responsible for the development and maintenance of