Linear vs Non-Linear Periodization for Team Sports

Periodization of a team’s strength and conditioning sessions over a season can be a mine field of information. How many sessions should be run in each phase? How intense should each session be? When should we move from phase to phase?  A lot of coaches use either a linear periodised programme or a non-linear, perhaps without even knowing they are. So the question becomes which of these two styles is better utilized for teams? I believe the question should not be “which?” But “when?”  Both systems have their place within a full season macrocycle it’s only at what point they are best utilized. (more…)

Youth S&C according to Science


Faigenbaum et al, (2015) provides the following benefits:

  1. Stronger younger athletes will be better prepared to learn complex movements, master sport tactics and withstand long term sports training.
  2. A development approach to physical conditioning can enhance the health of youth. Data suggests that young athletes that engage in a Strength and Conditioning program are less likely to get injured.
  3. Traditional evidence on resistance training on an immature skeleton has been replaced by evidence that resistance training may be the perfect time for the bone remodelling process to respond to the tensile and compressive forces associated with resistance training.