Overloading Senior and Juvenile Players

Workload spike

The club player.

Common sense is rarely practiced, therefore, I will use an analogy.

An 18-year-old starts drinking his first pint of beer at his 18th birthday party. Two pints and he is feeling tipsy and drunk, therefore, he stops knowing that any more will throw him over the edge. Two pints is not much, but he has never drunk before. The 18 year continues to drink every Friday for the next 6 months, slowly building himself up to six pints before he gets drunk. His tolerance to alcohol has improved. However, he now realises that he is drinking a little too much and decides to go cold turkey for three months. His best friend is having his birthday party later in the year, therefore, he decides that it would be rude not have a drink with his best friend on his 18th. He picks it up where he left off the last time and drinks six pints. He gets sick everywhere and has the worst hangover of his life the following morning. His tolerance to drink had gone because he hadn’t been drinking. (more…)