2017 Strength Phase Program

Build your Strength & Conditioning Programme Now! Designed by experts. Exclusively for GAA Players. 2017 is your year to achieve championship success.

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What's included?

Your Choice of Gym Program

We have designed two gym programs. Program 1 is specifically for those that have struggled with hamstring tears and other soft tissue injuries in the last year. Program 2 is a generalised program, aimed at building strength, mobility and flexibility.

2017 GAAStrength.ie Periodised Program

Strength is the second of 4 phases taking you from January to Championship

1. Hypertrophy

The Hypertrophy Phase builds muscle and allows the body prepare for heavy lifting.

2. Strength

The Strength Phase ensures that the muscle you have built becomes strong.

3. Power

The Power Phase turns slow heavy movements into explosive movements.

4. Maintenance

The Maintenance Phase maintains your strength and power increases while you focus on Championship training.

You must first have done a hypertrophy program before commencing this program.

If you are unsure email us at [email protected] and we will assist you

2017 is Your Year

Get your body in the best possible shape for Championship